Hey Mr. IndiansAreAsian.com, I love the site, but what's this site all about?
Well I have some SHAC friends and they like to claim, that I (a person of Indian descent) am not Asian. So here is all the evidence for why Indians are Asian and its posted on the Internet. And we all know everything on the Internet is true.

Whoa whoa, hold up, what's a SHAC and how do I get one?
SHAC (pronounced "shack") stands for Super Hot Asian Chick. And you can get one by clicking here or here.

Well, what's a FEA then?
FEA stands for Far East Asian. FEA is the proper term for what most Asians would like to classify as Asian. It includes but is not limited to: China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. FEA's are broken up into 2 groups, SHAC's and FOB's.

FOB? Now I'm really confused!
Don't be. FOB stands for Fresh Off the Boat. These are Asians that just got here from the motherland. They usually are in charge of your company's IT department and can be found wearing slacks and tennis shoes. Indian versions of FOB's are known as Moustache Indians.

Alright, now I'm getting it. But where can I find out more about these Moustache Indians?
Excellent question. Click here.