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It's funny, I've received about 20-30 emails asking me to correct things on the chart. Everything from Thai people using forks to Vietnamese people being good at math to Koreans drinking tea. BUT I have yet to receive one email asking me to correct the line where it says Indians have large penises and no other Asians do.

Seems like you can tell a Far East Asian person they have a small penis, but you can't tell them they're not good at math.

Update: After posting the above message I received a flood of emails from mostly Chinese people telling me to update the penis comment on the website.

Scientific Explanation: India is located geographically closer to Africa than China and other Far East Asian countries. That is why Indians have larger penises than Far East Asians. Trust me, I've done research on this on the Internet. And being Indian, I know the Internet.


You're an idiot.

I am Indian (and Asian), but my Chinese girlfriend can't accept it... I can't wait to show her your site. Thanks for the laughs! Response: Thanks Mayur for the comments. I appreciate it. It's sad how so many FEA's wish to build up walls and push us away from Asia. While I admire The Great Wall of China, I do not admire the walls of nomenclature that the Chinese have put upon our people. Hopefully this site will bring all of *us Asians* together.

Asians eat shrimp chips.

mad props. i'm korean and i have an indian friend. i always defended him as an asian while everyone else at uci thought they were asian while he was just indian. only poor people think that indians are not asians because they don't have enough money to buy a map. well done my friend! here's a pic of me and my beautiful indian but asian friend. Comments: Jee makes a good point: Only poor people don't recognize Indians as Asian. Don't be poor. Recognize.

You are gay. Response: I am not. You are!

Are you freaking kidding me about Vietnamese people not being physicians? There are three doctors in my family alone. I grew up going to Vietnamese doctors only. Have you heard of a place called Orange County? Your chart would be more credible once you make these corrections. Response: I have seen the TV show, "The OC" and do not recall seeing any Vietnamese physicians. I checked and there are no Ng's on the cast list. My chart is already very credible, I researched it on the Internet. But I appreciate your advice. On a side note, my girlfriend is a Vietnamese flavor of Asian too. I will ask her if she knows a Richard in Orange County.

i'm chinese, and ur far east asian have small penises part of the chart is fucked up. U are supporting the stereotypes that oppress the far east asian race. if you are truly asian, stop being a fucking dumbass about it, and insult your fellow asians. I can say Indians have fucked up accents like "welcome to cookiemart!" but i don't, cuz thats not true. I can say Indians are hairy ass motherfuckers but i don't. so think about what you've posted on the internet and how guilty you are of helping the white men oppress our people with stereotypes. Response: Indians are hairy as hell. That's no stereotype. I have these damn double and triple hair follicles that have colonized around my nipples. It drives me crazy. I'd get laser removal done, but I think that'd make me the gay (not that there's anything wrong with that.) Something tells me Jackie stumbled upon my site from (By the way, this is a great site.)