You can't talk Asian, unless you talk food. Indian food is very similar to foods of other Asian countries. Don't believe me? Roll up on these comparisons.

Side by side chicken comparison. What better comparison is there than chicken? These two look exactly the same.(Left to right: Chinese Chicken, Tandoori Chicken.)

Side by side Curry Comparison. Everyone loves the curry. All three look pretty damn similar. (Left to right: Thai, Indian, and Cambodian.)

Egg roll, Spring Roll, Samosa, and Fried Dumplings. They're all dough filled with vegetables and/or meat that is fried. Same thing. Tempura and Pakora's are both battered and deep fried. Even the condiments look the same. (Top row from left to right: Shrimp Tempura, Egg Roll, Pakora. Bottom row left to right: Fried Dumpling, Samosa, Tempura)